About Lisa Gray

Lisa Gray, Audience Development ManagerA New Face with Enthusiasm for Our Editors

Meet Lisa Gray, our new Audience Development Manager! We are looking forward to having her as part of the Family Features team. Get to know more about Lisa, her background and new role:

1. Can you tell me a little about yourself and your background?

I am from Georgia. I was a military kid, so I never stayed in one place for very long. I grew up in California. I have a degree in web design with 19 years of experience in marketing.

2. What interested you about Family Features before accepting the position of Audience Development Manager?

I was looking for a company to call home. I was not only impressed with the role itself, but also the culture, which is what convinced me Family Features is the right place for me.

3. Do you have any previous experience in media relations? How does it differ from your previous roles?

Throughout my career, I have always been in sales. Even though this role has a “sales” aspect in pitching our content to editors, it is going to be a bit different from my previous positions.

4. What excites you about your new position?

I love the idea of growth and development, as well as the educational aspect. Convincing editors to use free content and showing them the benefits is an exciting challenge. It is also different from any of my previous jobs, so I look forward to getting more comfortable in my role.

5. When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun? Any hobbies?

I ride motorcycles and I am also a photographer. I spend a great deal of time helping with my husband’s band (marketing, networking and booking). Otherwise, we spend as much free time with our children and grandbabies as possible.