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Established in 1974 and based in the Kansas City area, Family Features is an editorial syndicate providing FREE quality content for the media. Thousands of print and online editors use our content to supplement their publications and websites—saving time, money and building readership. More…

Simply register (it’s free and takes just a minute) and you’re ready to search, download and use our content for print and/or online publication. We work with nationally-recognized companies and associations that provide tips, articles and photos for our editorial team to create attractive, solutions-oriented content for you.

Yes…it’s free with absolutely no obligation. We do ask that you retain branding or attribution of the sponsor, include the Family Features byline and if possible, send or upload your print tear sheets or online placements so we can track usage and keep our service free to use.

We have a variety of content in food, lifestyle and home & garden categories written to AP standards. You’ll find formatted and unformatted full-page features, spreads and round ups, shorter articles, infographics, listicles, online widgets and video content in a number of formats.

Yes! You may publish content as is—or edit it to meet your needs. Please retain brand references whenever possible, give credit to the sponsor and provide us with a tear sheet or online placement. Should you choose to edit an article, please include some form of attribution to the sponsor. For example, you could include, "recipes courtesy of Nestlé Toll House Morsels," or "visit for more recipe ideas."

Photos may be used only in conjunction with the content provided. They may not be used independent of the content and should include appropriate attribution such as “Photo courtesy of (Sponsor/Getty).

We encourage you to localize content by adding local sources, photos and information. Consider these tips:

  • Use the copy we provide as an "idea starter" and rework to include quotes from local businesses and experts.
  • Substitute the provided photos with your own images depicting local residents.
  • Incorporate related local stories as part of the page. If appropriate, add your city's name into the headline or main copy (e.g., rather than "Host a Cooking Club" revise slightly to "Host a Cooking Club in Kansas City").
  • Include information on local festivals, contests and other community events that correspond to the theme of the feature/article.
  • Modify the layout to make room for advertising from relevant local retailers. For example, pair a food page with an ad from a local grocer.
  • Please retain brand references whenever possible, give credit to the sponsor and provide us with a tear sheet or online placement.

There are several ways to quickly and easily find what you are looking for on our site:

  1. Hover over Content Categories in the menu and click on the type of articles you’re looking for.
  2. Word search the content you are looking for (e.g. brunch, grilling, lawn care, etc.).
  3. Use the Select Format(s) field in the search bar to filter by the type of format(s) you’re interested in.
  4. Quick View allows you to preview the content without having to download.
  1. Click on Add to Content Library and select which format you’d like. Then select Add to Content Library. You will be given the option to View Content Library or Quick Download.
  2. View Content Library will show everything you have added so far. You can either download each piece of content individually, or download all of your content at once by selecting Download All.
  3. Quick Download allows you to download a specific piece of content immediately.

There are 4 simple ways to return tear sheets and online placements to us. Watch this tutorial video, or see below for step-by-step instructions.

  1. Directly Upload Your Tear Sheet/Online Placement to Our Website
    You can quickly and easily upload your tear sheet/online placement by clicking on the Order History link. You can find this at the top left of the website when you are logged in. Here you'll see all of the content that you have downloaded. To upload a tear sheet/online placement scroll to the desired title and click the blue icon arrow upload in the column titled "Placement".
    Next, specify if you are uploading a Tear sheet, Screen shot or URL and select Choose File from your computer, then select Upload.
    Please Note:
    • Your tear sheet needs to show the complete page as published including the masthead, page number, etc.
    • Acceptable file types are PDF and JPG.
    • Files must be 5mb or smaller in size.
  2. E-mail Us Your Tear Sheet or Online Placement
    You can attach your PDF or JPG file to an e-mail and send it to
  3. Set us up with a complimentary subscription or digital access
    If you provide us with a complimentary subscription to your publication or access to your digital edition, we can find the particular placement.

    Complimentary subscriptions should be addressed to:
    ATTN: Tear Sheets
    Family Features
    5825 Dearborn Street
    Mission, KS 66202-9915

    Email our Editor Team at if you’d like to grant us Digital Access.

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We do not currently offer an RSS feed. Instead we offer a Content Widget that provides automatically updated content that displays within your website.

Like an RSS feed, the Content Widget contains a list of our recent and popular articles, with images and descriptions. The widget can easily be added to your website by copying a few lines of code.

The Content Widget offers benefits over an RSS feed:

  • It keeps users on your website. An RSS feed links to articles on other websites, directing visitors away from your site. The Content Widget will display the full article within your website, keeping them on your site.
  • You can select from several appealing formats including Carousel, Sidebar, and Full displays.
Click here to learn more about the Content Widget.


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