Engaging Your Readers with QR Codes

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Family Features is always working to enhance readers’ experiences, thus providing more engagement for your publication.

Bringing the latest QR Technology to our content solutions for editors, Quick Response (QR) code is a type of matrix barcode invented in 1994 by the Japanese automotive company Denso Wave.

The reader takes a picture with his or her phone of the QR code in your published Family Features article and a tracker redirects to a website or YouTube video related to the article.

Why a QR code?

This is another tool to engage readers by combining print and digital!

Why Family Features' Content is Free

Content Developement Team

Family Features' Content Development Team

As Media Relations Manager, the most common question I’m asked is why Family Features offers its print, digital and video content for free.

I’m sure they think, "How can they run a business giving everything away free?"

Family Features has operated successfully on this model since 1974.

The premise is simple: We work with nationally recognized companies, associations and government organizations that pay us to produce high-quality, solutions-oriented articles and offer them to our nationwide network of editors via our editors site.

Finding Free Editorial Content is as Easy as 1-2-3

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Family Features' goal is to make finding free content at editors.familyfeatures.com fast and easy. Here are a few tips to help your search:

  1. The “CONTENT CATEGORIES” section of Family Features’ editors site should be your first visit. Our search function allows you to use certain key words like “comfort food,” “Labor Day,” “kids,” “health” and more that drive you to specific articles. Or, if you’re looking for an easy format to place in your publication like a pre-designed full-page or half-page layout or simply a Word document and jpeg images, use the “Select Format(s)” drop-down menu to find the format that suits your needs. You can also specify digital content including videos in this area, too.