Show-Stopping Recipe Videos to Enhance Your Website

Melissa's video kitchen

Picture it now: a bubbling casserole fresh out of the oven. A bowl of ooey, gooey taco dip getting topped with even more cheese. Or better yet, a mouthwatering cake finished with perfect, creamy icing.

Family Features’ video team works with a variety of food brands to diligently craft custom recipe videos that not only leave viewers hungry for more but also drive traffic to your website.

Using our in-house studio, our Web Content Manager, Melissa Paine, is the talent behind creating these exceptional recipe videos.

Creative Selling is Key in Monetizing Your Publication or Website

Sample Article with ads

It’s no secret publications from coast to coast are experiencing difficulty trying to find new and different revenue sources during the pandemic.

Many special sections from years past centered around local events aren’t possible this year with cancellations and postponements.

However, getting creative with selling advertising may be the key to making up for lost revenues.

Using Family Features’ free editorial content can provide your sales team with inspiration to reach out to local advertisers with creative ideas for promoting their products or services.

Readers Searching for Stay-At-Home Content

Home Remodeling Search Trends

A summer closer to home for many homeowners means plenty of time to tackle renovations and repairs while families look for new ways to stay safe and entertained in their own backyards.

Online home improvement searches have shown significant increases in the last two months including kitchen remodels, smart homes, bathroom remodels, flooring and home improvement.