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It’s no secret publications from coast to coast are experiencing difficulty trying to find new and different revenue sources during the pandemic.

Many special sections from years past centered around local events aren’t possible this year with cancellations and postponements.

However, getting creative with selling advertising may be the key to making up for lost revenues.

Using Family Features’ free editorial content can provide your sales team with inspiration to reach out to local advertisers with creative ideas for promoting their products or services.

Consider these ways our content can assist your sales team:

  • Download a Release from Family Features about preparing a steak or hamburger then sell an ad to the local meat shop or grocer. The same tactic could be used to present a delicious dessert Feature to your local bakery as a sponsorship opportunity, or as a tie-in advertisement with your local veterinarian or grooming shop and an article on welcoming a new pet into your home. Family Features’ many Content Categories – 40 in all – give your sales team plenty of opportunities to reach out to potential local advertisers.
  • Create a special section with Family Features’ content utilizing categories such as Summer Food and Recipes, Back-to-School, Health and Wellness, Home Remodeling, Pets or Travel and sell advertising to local merchants that tie in with compatible content.
  • Localize Family Features’ articles to your area. For example, consider adding your city to the headline – “5 Steps to Healthier Living in St. Louis” – or adding a quote from a local expert then selling advertisements to hospitals, urgent care facilities, exercise clubs or other related businesses in the community. Localizing is a simple way to make our content your own and create a hometown feel.

Your website can also see revenue growth by taking advantage of Family Features’ digital content, widgets and videos.

  • Widgets come in three categories: food, lifestyle and home and garden. Create a webpage for each topic and sell advertising to local merchants around the widgets. Once installed, the widgets automatically update weekly with fresh content and can be customized to fit the color scheme and layout of your site.
  • Digital Content is provided for every article Family Features offers and can easily be paired with a local advertiser on your site.
  • Videos are the latest craze on websites – place a video and tie in an advertisement with a subject matter or scope of work.

All of Family Features’ content is free, so why not help your advertising team start making money for your publication or website today?

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Cindy Long

Cindy Long is Family Features’ Media Relations Manager. She works with a network of more than 10,000 editors to help fill the food, lifestyle and home and garden sections of their newspapers, magazines and websites.