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Printed circulation. Website Analytics. Digital subscribers. How important are those numbers to Family Features’ business? Extremely important!

The model. Family Features works with national brands, associations and government agencies to produce high-quality content for newspapers, magazines, websites and other means of communication. All Family Features’ content is made available for free to editors. Our model begins with our sponsors’ needs to communicate their messages. Family Features’ Content Development department works closely with our sponsors to create quality content written to Associated Press standards, including superior photos and graphics.

Our network of editors can download articles from the editors site at any time. If editors don’t find content matching what they are searching for on the site, our Media department searches Family Features’ extensive archives for articles that fit their needs. After an article is published, the Content Management department works with editors to capture the placement, whether online or in print. Sponsors are provided detailed reports displaying where their message was seen with corresponding circulation numbers.

This is where your assistance is needed. The reports show our sponsors where the content is placed. By having print and digital circulation numbers or analytics from websites, we provide the sponsors with proof of placement. It all comes down to your reporting efforts.

Please provide our media team with your printed circulation numbers, website analytics (we are looking for unique site visits per month) and number of paid or unpaid digital subscribers. Because the publishing industry is evolving, we are seeing digital subscriptions increase for every publication that reports. These numbers are the reason Family Features can provide editors with free, quality content!

Here's how you can report your numbers! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your:

Printed circulation _______

Digital analytics (site visits per month) _______

Digital subscribers (free or paid) ______

Family Features has provided editors with free editorial content since 1974. That’s 47 years and counting! We look forward to serving our print and digital editors for many years to come. Thank you for your loyal partnership.

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Cindy Long

Cindy Long is Family Features’ Media Relations Manager. She works with a network of more than 10,000 editors to help fill the food, lifestyle and home and garden sections of their newspapers, magazines and websites.