Cause for Optimism for Small-Market Newspapers

Cause for Optimism for Small-Market NewspapersA recent study by the Columbia University School of Journalism revealed that small-market newspapers (circulations below 50,000) have displayed notable resilience thanks in part to exclusive content not offered anywhere else, the dynamics of ultra-local advertising markets, and an ability to leverage a physical closeness to their audience.

According to “Editor & Publisher,” there are 7,071 newspapers in the United States; 6,851 (97 percent) are considered small market. The small-market papers assist in voting decisions, continue to foster community identity and solidarity, and – as often the case with small-town newspapers – act as community champions.

In the Shoes of a Media Relations Manager

CindyPEColorI had the pleasure of sitting down with Cindy Long to learn about her background in publishing. With a great deal of experience and relevant work history, Cindy has excelled in this industry without a doubt! Learning about all her different roles and what she has discovered along the way has been very enlightening.