Why Diversity in Content is Important

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With a goal to make it easy for editors of African American publications to scan for content to fit their publications’ demographics, Family Features added a new special interest content category to our editors site: “African American.”

I received an email that describes exactly what Family Features’ mission was:

“I think it’s great that Family Features has created an African American category as well as highlighting Spanish content,” said Jenise Griffin, publisher of the Florida Courier and Daytona Times. “Since it was posted, I have been searching through it for content that would be of interest to our readers. As publisher of two Black weekly newspapers in Florida, I have been pleased with your focus on diversity. As a user of your content for years, I can definitely see the increased inclusion of minorities in the presentation of your content.”

Study Shows Readers Have High Confidence in Local Media During Pandemic

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“The COVID-19 Societal Impact Project,” a study conducted by The Whitman Insight Strategies Initiative and Creative Circle Media Solutions, examined how the global pandemic has affected the feelings and emotions of local media consumers.

Respondents conveyed they have a higher trust in local news for information about COVID-19 compared to national cable news and social media channels.

“People are starved for content and connections,” said Bernard Whitman, president and founder of Whitman Insight Strategies, a strategic consulting firm that conducts polls and market research to advise corporations, political leaders and issue-advocacy organizations. “That’s why community media have so much to gain. You are already part of the community and people feel like they know you or they should know you.”

Additional findings show readers are fearful, leading them to crave credible, local information to stay connected with their communities.

Family Features Needs Your Numbers

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Printed circulation. Website Analytics. Digital subscribers. How important are those numbers to Family Features’ business? Extremely important!

The model. Family Features works with national brands, associations and government agencies to produce high-quality content for newspapers, magazines, websites and other means of communication. All Family Features’ content is made available for free to editors. Our model begins with our sponsors’ needs to communicate their messages. Family Features’ Content Development department works closely with our sponsors to create quality content written to Associated Press standards, including superior photos and graphics.