Family Features Needs Your Numbers

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Printed circulation. Website Analytics. Digital subscribers. How important are those numbers to Family Features’ business? Extremely important!

The model. Family Features works with national brands, associations and government agencies to produce high-quality content for newspapers, magazines, websites and other means of communication. All Family Features’ content is made available for free to editors. Our model begins with our sponsors’ needs to communicate their messages. Family Features’ Content Development department works closely with our sponsors to create quality content written to Associated Press standards, including superior photos and graphics.

NAMPA Proves Virtual Conventions Work


The North American Mature Publishers Association (NAMPA) held its annual convention via Zoom meetings Oct. 6-7. NAMPA members publish more than 95 publications in the United States and Canada with a combined circulation of more than 4 million. Of these member publications, 48 were represented at the virtual exchange of ideas between senior and boomer publishing leaders.

With Family Features as the prime sponsor of the event, Media Manager Cindy Long observed and participated in the conference.

Organized by Executive Director Gary Calligas, there were six separate virtual meetings during the two-day period attended by an impressive group of newspaper and magazine publishers and editors. Even though there were a lot of attendees, the meetings were structured to make it convenient to contribute or ask questions of the presenters or other attendees.

Show-Stopping Recipe Videos to Enhance Your Website

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Picture it now: a bubbling casserole fresh out of the oven. A bowl of ooey, gooey taco dip getting topped with even more cheese. Or better yet, a mouthwatering cake finished with perfect, creamy icing.

Family Features’ video team works with a variety of food brands to diligently craft custom recipe videos that not only leave viewers hungry for more but also drive traffic to your website.

Using our in-house studio, our Web Content Manager, Melissa Paine, is the talent behind creating these exceptional recipe videos.